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Size Your Heat Pump Appropriately to Help Control Humidity

Heat pumps are an efficient means of climate control that have the ability to heat, cool and dehumidify your home. Sizing a heat pump correctly is the most effective way of conditioning a home. Cooling When cooling your home, a heat pump operates the same as regular air conditioners. And as with a central A/C system, sizing

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Flying South for the Winter? Prepare Your HVAC System

Winters in the Cleveland area can be bitterly cold with plenty of snow and ice that make travel difficult. For those who are not fond of cold winter weather, a popular option is to spend a few months in a warmer climate, like Florida, Texas, or New Mexico. It takes plenty of planning and coordination to

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Get to Know Your Heat-Pump System Components

A heat-pump system is literally that — a system that transfers, or “pumps” heat. In winter, it pulls the heat available in outside air into the system and sends it inside, where it’s distributed through your ducting. In summer, the cycle reverses and the heat-pump system pumps your inside heat outdoors. Because the heat pump doesn’t generate heat,

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