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HVAC Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Cleveland Home

It’s that time of year again! With springtime comes a fresh start, which is why so many Cleveland families adhere to an annual spring cleaning ritual. But spring cleaning isn’t just about donating old clothes and getting rid of clutter. Your home’s HVAC system can also benefit from being a part of your annual cleaning

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Get to Know Your Heat-Pump System Components

A heat-pump system is literally that — a system that transfers, or “pumps” heat. In winter, it pulls the heat available in outside air into the system and sends it inside, where it’s distributed through your ducting. In summer, the cycle reverses and the heat-pump system pumps your inside heat outdoors. Because the heat pump doesn’t generate heat,

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Hearing Unusual Furnace Noises? Use these 3 Warning Signs to Avert Problems

It’s cold and dark outside, and your family has settled into their snug beds for the night when a loud, unsettling noise rumbles up from your furnace. What should you do? Is your furnace about to fail? Is it simply time for a repair? Furnace noises can mean any number of things. But whatever their cause, they shouldn’t

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