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Modulating Furnaces vs Zoned Systems: What’s Ideal?

If you pay attention to the typical home furnace system, you might notice that it’s an energy hog. And it’s more indiscriminate than efficient, really: it just pours out heat through all the home’s vents until the entire house is more or less the right temperature. If it pours out too much heat, it stops; if

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Creating An Efficient Zoning System: 5 Guiding Principles

There is a major drawback in many residential heating and cooling systems: just one air conditioner and furnace, but so many temperature needs throughout the home. Many people resign themselves to these problems, but there is an effective alternative. Creating an efficient zoning system design helps to resolve this drawback. Living spaces have diverse temperature requirements. The location in the

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Troubleshooting Airflow And The Impact On Your Furnace

Airflow problems can have a significant impact on your indoor comfort anytime but especially during heating season.  It’s a good idea to get these taken care of before the cold weather has a chance to settle in. Some signals of airflow problems include temperature fluctuations in a single room, or variations from one room to the next,

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