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Why Won’t My Furnace Kick On?

When you live in a cold region of the country like Cleveland, a working furnace in your home isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. The record low temperature in Cleveland is a frigid 16°F below zero. Your furnace is about much more than your comfort; if it won’t kick on during a cold spell, you could even find your life and property in danger. When you need furnace repair, you can’t afford to wait.

What could go wrong?

There are many ways your heating system can break down. Some problems can keep the system from turning on in the first place. If this is the case, the problem will most likely be one of these three issues:

  • Pilot light
  • Most modern, energy-efficient heating systems no longer have a pilot that burns constantly, but many older systems still do.  If you have one of these older systems and have no heat from your furnace, this is the first item to check. If you can’t light the pilot light yourself, most utility companies will perform this service free of charge. Even if you don’t need furnace repair, we’ll check your pilot light and your entire system as part of our preventative maintenance service.

  • Thermostat problems
  • If your furnace won’t turn on, the thermostat is another likely culprit. The first thing to do is make sure that your thermostat is in the right mode for the season, is reading the correct time and is set for the correct temperature.  If you use a setback to save energy, make sure that the thermostat didn’t inadvertently get placed in the setback mode. Even if your thermostat is working perfectly, it still may be worth replacing. Modern digital thermostats offer money saving features such as programmability, smartphone compatibility, and automated temperature setback.

  • Boiler problems

Whether your furnace uses natural gas, propane, or oil, your boiler is an essential part of the system. Boilers are complex systems. While they’re designed with long lives in mind, they aren’t maintenance-free. There are many parts on the boiler that should be checked regularly. There are some tasks that can be performed by a homeowner, but it best to discuss these with your HVAC technician when he is on site.  These checks aren’t difficult, but they are best left to a professional. Click here to learn more about your boiler.

If you live in Cleveland, you know how important your furnace is. If you have a furnace repair issue, P.K. Wadsworth should be your first call.

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