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5 Reasons For Upgrading A Thermostat

If you’re still stuck in the technology of yesteryear with an analog thermostat, it’s definitely time to move up to digital. In fact, why stop at mere digital? Maybe you should move up to programmable technology — or more.

Consider the following reasons for upgrading a thermostat in your home:

1. Better Meshing of Technology

An analog or manual thermostat was state of the art for many years, dutifully performing its job of regulating the heating and cooling of old school HVAC systems. Today’s more efficient systems have so many computerized parts that it doesn’t make sense to stick with this ancient technology. To get better performance out of these newer systems, a homeowner should ramp up even beyond plain digital thermostats, and move on to programmable technology.

2. Savings

A programmable thermostat can actually help you save money if you use it correctly. Program the heating a little lower at night time or when the home is unoccupied, and likewise set the cooling a little higher during those times to achieve considerable savings.

3. Comfort

Without a digital readout, an HVAC system can’t heat or cool to an exact temperature. Programmable thermostats allow the system to heat or cool more precisely, so that your home is more comfortable and you don’t have to continuously adjust the thermostat. Smart thermostats take this even further, by sensing and analyzing temperature, humidity, and other factors and adjusting for maximum comfort.

4. Go Mercury Free

Holdouts with their manual thermostats may not realize some of these models contain mercury, a hazardous substance. It’s a good idea to get this substance out of your home. Follow your local government’s guidelines for disposal, or consult a HVAC pro to find out where to dispose of it.

5. Control

Wi-fi or so-called smart thermostats are the ultimate in control. You might be out of town when a blizzard looms; no problem — you can adjust the temperature in your home accordingly.

Another really, valuable feature of these controls can be that they will alert you to any problems/failures.  If you are away from your home during austere weather, the unit can advise your smart phone or remote computer that the system is out or in danger of going out.  this can save you from a variety of problems- one of the worst being- coming to a house with frozen pipes and leaks!

For more on upgrading a thermostat, contact P.K. Wadsworth, serving Greater Cleveland for more than 75 years. Also ask about our lifetime thermostat warranty (labor not included).

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