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Best Air Conditioning Options For Homes With Boiler Heat

If you have a boiler that works to heat your home, your home may be lacking an important piece of home comfort—air conditioning. Many homeowners who have boilers for heating do not have a way to cool their homes other than ceiling fans. However, there are air conditioning choices that can work well with a boiler heated home.

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Air Conditioning Choices For Boiler Heated Cleveland Homes

You can purchase window units that sit in your home’s windows and cool each room. These units may work well if you have one or two rooms to cool. However, they tend to not be as energy-efficient as other options, and these units can be noisy and unsightly. You are also left with the ungainly task of installing and removing the units each season, too.

A better option is installing a ductless mini-split system . These ductless systems have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that is connected by a small hole in the wall. There are no ducts needed and they can be configured to deliver both cooling and heating. This cooling option is very quiet and energy-efficient and delivers clean, cool air to any area of your home.

You can install more than one of these systems throughout your home and set up  zoning . This allows you to only cool the rooms you are using while still keeping your whole home comfortable throughout the long summer months. This also allows you to save on energy costs as you only cool the spaces you need. A ductless mini-split system can also work as a backup or supplemental heating source in case something goes wrong with your boiler.

Additionally, approaches include traditional ducted AC systems, but there is often not enough space for these units without disturbing the architectural integrity of the home. In these cases, a specialized, mini-duct system can be a good option depending upon the configuration of the home. In some cases, a hybrid approach using several strategies works the best. For the best results, be sure to consult with a contractor that has a lot of experience with providing AC for homes with boiler heat.

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