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How To Stay Warm When Your Furnace Breaks

No system is perfect, and that means even the faithful observance of an HVAC maintenance schedule doesn’t protect you from the occasional breakdown or malfunction. So, what do you do to stay warm when it’s icy and 15° F outside?

Stay Warm While Waiting For Your Cleveland Furnace Repair Technician

Here are tips for staying warm before the HVAC technician visits.

  1. Wear layers. It’s time to get out those long underwear, if you have them, or don a pair of tights or leggings under your normal warm weather clothes. Those fitted undergarments will go a long way towards insulating your body from loss of heat. Dress like you’re going outside, including a comfortable pair of gloves, and an extra pair of socks and a beanie, if needed.
  2. Block the drafts. Can you feel a draft? Figure out where it’s coming from and block the chilly airflow. You can use socks, rolled up towels or blankets to seal window and door leaks that let warm air escape. When the weather warms up and you have more time, follow these Energy Saver instructions on Air Sealing Your Home for year-round comfort and energy savings.
  3. Get out the cookbook. Cooking warms your kitchen area because burners and ovens radiate heat. Spend the day cooking or baking — preferably hot soups and a slow-cooked roast — and shut yourself in the cook-warmed kitchen. NOTE: DO NOT use cooking appliances to heat your home on a long-term basis — it creates a serious safety issue!
  4. Burn some calories. Get out those workout DVDs you’ve hidden away and get a move on. Exercising gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing, and it helps to keep you warm. Plus, you’ll be healthier for it.
  5. Close doors and drapes. Close the doors to unused rooms to contain available heat in one spot. Use a portable furnace if you have one and make sure to close all the drapes, which helps to insulate the windows.

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