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Replacing Your Driveway? Think About Adding A Snow-Melt System

If you are considering replacing your driveway this summer, adding a snow-melt system will make next winter’s snow removal even easier. When the snowy Cleveland-area winters arrive, driveways must be shoveled or de-iced using corrosive chemicals — and the sooner the better. Wait too long, and the bottom layers turn to ice and the job becomes even more difficult.

For many households and businesses, that’s where snow-melt systems come in. If you are considering replacing or upgrading your driveway — or your parking lot, walkway or loading dock — you might think about adding a snow-melt system as well. These systems use heating elements planted inside to rid your driveway of snow and ice. They can be turned on manually or automatically; automatic systems use sensors to measure air temperature and moisture content.

Snow-melt and ice-melt systems come in two main categories:

  • Electric: These systems use heated coils arranged under the driveway. The coils are powered by an existing or a new power circuit.
  • Hydronic: Other snow-melt systems circulate heated liquid — water,  antifreeze or both — in a system of tubing installed under your driveway. These systems can be less expensive to run than electric ones, but they may require an additional water heater at your home or business.

If you have questions about adding a snow-melt system, please feel free to contact the professionals at P. K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling. We always welcome the opportunity to help our Greater Cleveland neighbors stay comfortable and safe year-round.

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