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What’s That Smell?

If you turn your heat on for the first time in winter only to find a funny burning smell, it is not necessarily a reason to panic. In fact, most homeowners will have the same experience at the beginning of the cold season. So why does this smell occur?

What Is That Burning Smell Coming From My Cleveland Heating System

There are a few reasons why you might have that burning smell when you turn your heating system on:

Dust build up – When your furnace or heating system sits unused for several months, dust can settle in and around the heating system’s parts. This dust then needs to be burnt off once the heating system starts up and this can cause that overheating, burning smell. This smell may happen the first couple of times you turn the heating system on after it hasn’t been used, however, it should burn off quickly.

Heat strips (for heat pumps or electric furnaces) – If you have just adjusted your thermostat up by more than two degrees or it is especially cold outside, you may notice the same type of burning smell. There are heat strips inside the air handler and these heat strips help supplement the heating system when it is struggling to meet your heating demands. Activating heat strips that have not been used in months may result in a burning smell from built up dust.

If the burning smell coming from the heat system is continuous there may be a bigger issue. If this is the case you may have objects in the ducts that are burning or melting, faulty heating components, or the electrical system may be experiencing issues. If the burning smell continues, be sure to contact a heating expert.

Who to Contact if Your Cleveland Heating System Needs Repairs

If you notice a continuous burning smell or your heating system cannot keep up with your home’s heating demands, contact the team at P.K Wadsworth Heating & Cooling today! We offer high-quality workmanship and great customer service. Call us today to make sure your heating system is ready to handle the upcoming winter.

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