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How Much Does a New Boiler Installation Cost in OH?

Your boiler is a large, complex unit that will deliver years of exceptional heating to your entire home. So, it is important that it’s installed correctly, otherwise, this costly investment can go to waste. Although multiple factors determine the overall cost of new boiler installation, the type of boiler you choose has the largest impact. Our expert HVAC technicians at P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling will help you find the perfect boiler to install that’s best for your home in theme_company_location_short.

The 3 main types of new boiler installations available are:

Traditional Boilers

Traditional Heat-Only Boilers have a two-tank system. One tank stores cold water, and the other is used to maintain the normal water level of your home’s central heating system. One benefit of having a traditional boiler includes keeping up with a Ohio winter’s heating demands. Even if you have low water pressure from your mainline, there is no drawback to the capability of the traditional boiler. Traditional boilers are also compatible with older heating systems. However, owning a traditional boiler can take up a lot of space, and you will lose more energy than alternative options if the tank is not insulated properly.

System Boilers

System Boilers accomplish the same task as a traditional boiler, but in a more energy-efficient way. These types of boilers have a single-cylinder that stores hot water (like the traditional boilers) but the main difference is in how the boiler unit is constructed. The hot water & heating system components are built into the boiler unit itself, versus stand-alone units. This boiler system makes it simpler and easier to install – they do not require a separate tank to accomplish the same result. One benefit of having a System Boiler unit installed is that they are compatible with solar heating systems, making them more energy-efficient than alternative options. Ask P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling for a cost estimate on which boiler installation option is best for your Solon, OH A home today!

Combination Boilers

A Combination Boiler system combines a central heating boiler and a high-efficiency water heater. The system doesn’t need a cylinder to store the water because the combination boiler heats the water directly from the mainline. Cost estimates for combination boilers tend to be lower than traditional boilers because they are smaller, more efficient, and less complicated. Another reason to consider a combination boiler is that there is no need to worry about water pressure – as mentioned previously, the water is heated directly from the mainline. Another great reason to select a combination boiler is that there is no waiting time, and hot water is on-demand because it does not have a water storage tank!

No matter the season, our Solon, Ohio boiler technicians will ensure your boiler is safe, functional, and able to keep your family comfortable. You can expect our experts to notify you of any repair needs before any work is done, so you will know exactly what solution is best for your home’s heating needs.

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How long does a boiler installation take?

This will largely depend on the same factors previously outlined regarding the cost of installation, however as a guideline a like for like replacement that connects directly to the existing pipework could be fitted in a single day. If for any reason alterations to the existing system are required for the system needs power flushing, then the boiler installation may typically take between one to three days. Finally, if you have chosen to install an alternative system such as a heat pump, you may need to allow up to three to five days depending on your specific situation to allow for additional work such as drilling which may need to be carried out.

How do boilers work?

Boilers work by heating a liquid that is then pumped through the pipes. The liquid then enters devices like radiators, in-floor heating loops etc. to help keep your home comfortable and heated. In addition, combination boilers can also heat the water in your home, eliminating the need for a water heater.

What different types of boilers are available?

Different types of boilers currently available include system boilers, standard boilers, and combination boilers. Combination boilers are most often the top choice as they heat your water as well as your house. If you are looking to install a boiler in your home but are not sure which type of boiler to use, have a heating expert from P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling come to your home and assess your heating and water needs. Your P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling heating professional can then recommend what system is best for your home and even offer you a free quote on the cost of the boiler and the install.

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