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How to Add Air Conditioning to a Boiler Heated Home

The Ductless Mini Split System

A great way to add air conditioning to a home with a boiler is to install a mini split system. These systems don’t need ducts. They are a ductless system that can be used for both heating and cooling. This is a great advantage; not only will they help cool your home, but they also can act as a backup if your boiler system fails.

Ductless mini split systems work by using an outdoor unit that has a condenser and an indoor unit that works as the air handler. This indoor unit attaches to a wall inside your home. You can have more than one ductless mini split system in your home, providing zoning for both air conditioning and heating, giving you really great control over your home’s climate.

Not only do these ductless systems work well with your boiler, they also bring many advantages that other systems can’t provide. They are very energy efficient, especially if you consider the zoning options. They provide much cleaner air to your home than air that has been run through a series of dirty vents.

Easy Professional Installation

Having a ductless mini system professionally installed in your home is a quick and easy process. Both units can be installed efficiently; a small cut will be made in your wall to accommodate the connection between the indoor and outdoor system and you will receive a remote to help you control the indoor unit.

If you have a boiler installed in your home or you are considering purchasing a home with a boiler, you can have both heating and cooling by installing a ductless systemThe team at P.K.Wadsworth can help you install a ductless mini-split in your home, giving you comfort all year round or you can explore one of the other approaches mentioned above.

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