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How Safe Is Your Furnace?

Traditionally, the furnace is a comfort item, keeping your household cozy and warm throughout the colder months. Unchecked, however, the furnace can be dangerous, the cause of gas leaks, CO poisoning, and electrical fires.

Don’t let lack of maintenance from a vetted Cleveland furnace repair company create a cozy-gone-crazy scenario.

Furnace Safety Checklist

Run through this furnace safety checklist to determine whether you’re in need of a furnace repair or maintenance.  Most manufacturers of furnaces recommend annually preventive maintenance so be guided accordingly.  If you have a manufacturer’s extended warranty plan, you may be denied coverage if you cannot produce evidence of annual maintenance.

Was Your Furnace Installed By A Professional?

We don’t care how many YouTube videos or blogs are posted about DIY furnace installation: the bottom line is that furnaces should only be installed by licensed and experienced professionals. In addition to venting, combustion, and fuel issues, furnaces and their parts can be recalled just like cars. Specialized training, tools and meters are required to do the job properly.  An HVAC company will keep you informed and safe.

In the meantime, DO study up on DIY furnace troubleshooting to avoid unnecessary service calls.

Has Your Furnace Been Inspected In The Past Six Months?

Ideally, your HVAC should be inspected bi-annually – once for heating and once for cooling. This gives the technician an opportunity to give it a once-over, increasing furnace efficiency and repairing any small red flags before they turn into bigger ones. Routine maintenance reduces the chances of safety-related issues occurring in your furnace.

Do You Smell Gas?

While you may smell gas for a brief second or two before the furnace kicks into gear, there should never be a perpetual gas odor in your home. Some unusual smells are normal – like the smell of dust burning the first few times the furnace runs -especially at the beginning of the heating season or prolonged off cycle periods.  If you experience any odd smells that you are not accustomed to, it is always best to get them looked at.

Always call an HVAC company if you notice unusual smells such as gas, electrical burning or other strange odors related to running your furnace.

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