Boilers - P.K. Wadsworth Delivers Boiler Expertise

boilersFrom low pressure steam and hot water systems to the latest radiant floor heating, P.K. Wadsworth Heating and Cooling has you covered for all your hydronic heating system needs. Our professionals can maintain or install boilers and radiant heating systems of all types. We focus on your needs to find a solution that’s as efficient and effective as possible.

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Optimal Boiler System Performance

Like all home heating options, hydronic systems have made efficiency gains in recent years. We analyze systems to determine if the boiler needs repairs or replacing, and to ensure that it’s running as efficiently as possible. P.K. Wadsworth will help to make your system operates at its best with:

  • Regular maintenance. 
    From periodically bleeding the system of air to annual inspections and precision tune-ups, regular care ensures premium efficiency and prevents costly surprises.
  • Zone controls. 
    Create unique heating schedules for different zones in your home with a programmable thermostat that ensures you stay comfortable while significantly lowering heating bills.
  • Insulation. 
    We have the latest pipe insulation to prevent costly waste caused by heat loss in your system.
  • Possible replacement. 
    A new boiler can help pay for itself in efficiency gains while heating your home more quickly. Beyond that, if your home has bulky old radiators, it may be time to upgrade to a modern, more attractive baseboard system, which frees up space and saves energy.

Repair or Replace – P.K. Wadsworth Can Help

With P.K. Wadsworth, you have options. From diagnosing a broken system to helping you weigh the pros and cons of a replacement, our technicians can evaluate your boiler system quickly. Our comfort consultants can identify design flaws and engineering upgrades as part of our no obligation in-home consultation. For those looking at the long-term, new boilers and updated baseboard systems offer compelling value. They’re up to 50 percent more efficient than old boilers and extremely reliable. P.K. Wadsworth can help you choose the right replacement that both meets the needs of your family and seamlessly marries with the existing components in your home. Contact us to learn more about the installation, repair and maintenance of any type of radiant heating system.


"P.K. Wadsworth was very accommodating to meet with our representative at our representative's convenience the same day as the call. We have used P.K. Wadsworth for over 25 years to install and service our steam heat boiler system. Their technicians have always been polite, come as scheduled, explain what is needed and are professional. We were particularly impressed this past winter when we called from out of state to say we just learned that morning our boiler was not working. They assured me that someone would be available to work with our representative whenever he or she was available. The technician explained both to our representative and to me on the phone the problem and fixed it promptly. Our representative commented then, and again on our return, how pleasant and nice the P.K. Wadsworth personnel were."

- Theresa P, Shaker Heights, Ohio

"Repairmen were on time, recognized and explained the problems with the boiler and why I needed a new hot water tank. Would recommend P.K. Wadsworth to other people."

- Dennis B, Gates Mills, Ohio

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