Why Is My Furnace So Noisy? | Common Furnace Issues

Why Is My Furnace So Noisy?

Depending on where the furnace is located in your home, a noisy furnace can become a major headache. Even if you rarely walk past the furnace but when you do you notice a lot of noise, it’s probably a good idea to investigate what these weird furnace noises. What are these furnace noises? Your furnace can make many different noises, from popping and banging to squealing. Here’s a quick guide as to what these furnace noises might mean.
  • Rattling — If you hear a rattling sound coming from the furnace while it’s heating, it may just be the outside covers. Try tightening them; if the noise persists you may need a heating expert.
  • Grinding — Grinding noises can signal several issues. The belt may be worn and need realigning or the motor’s bearings may need replacing. If you hear a grinding noise it’s best to shut off the system and call a technician.
  • Squealing — Squealing noises can be very irritating and they also may signal a problem with the furnace’s motor belt or fan. Ignoring this problem could be costly so it’s best to have it investigated as soon as possible.
  • Chirping — Chirping noises usually occur when you first turn the furnace on for the season. This is common and the noise disappear once the furnace has been on for an hour or two.
  • Banging or Clanging — If you hear a banging noise as the furnace turns on and off, it could be an issue with the filter. It may be dirty or may be inserted into the furnace incorrectly. Try replacing the filter following the manufacturer directions. If the banging is constant or persists, it may be a problem within your home’s ductwork.
If you’re hearing constant loud or irritating furnace noises it may be time to call a heating expert. The same is true if things change all of a sudden. It is also a good idea to always discuss the noises that you are hearing with your HVAC pro during your regular maintenance visit. The team at P.K.Wadsworth is here to help you with all your heating needs. Contact us today and make sure your furnace is running smoothly all winter long.

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