Boiler Repair in Cleveland, OH

Boilers are an effective way to heat many homes in Cleveland, but like all heating systems, they can have problems from time to time. If yours is in need of repair, you will find the friendly team at P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling is always ready to assist. Our heating professionals know how to repair boilers and radiant heating systems, so you can get back to enjoying a warm, comfortable home.

Don’t let boiler problems keep you in the cold. Contact P.K. Wadsworth today for boiler repair in Cleveland. You can also call us at 855-996-5675 to schedule a repair appointment.

Signs You Need Boiler Repair

While boiler problems can strike unexpectedly, most of the time your boiler will show signs that problems are brewing before they hit. If you take proactive action to address problems before they get worse, you can avoid a costly repair bill. Here are some common signs that you may have a boiler problem on your hands:

  • Strange sounds – Boilers are typically quiet, and the noises they make are noises you get used to. If you’re noticing new, unusual, or abnormally loud noises, something may be wrong.
  • Strange smells – Strange, foul smells from your boiler may indicate that it is not burning properly, which means you could have a CO leak. While the CO does not create the smell, the smell is an indication of other combustion problems, and that often means a leak. This could mean your safety is at risk.
  • Water leaks – Boilers shouldn’t leak. If you’re noticing a leak, you need to address it quickly to avoid having the water spread to the walls and floor of your home.
  • Improper heating – If your boiler isn’t keeping your home warm, then it’s a sign of problems that need to be addressed.
  • Increased heating bills – If your energy bills go up in the winter, it may be because your boiler isn’t working efficiently. Repair service may be able to help.

Are you noticing these problems? In Cleveland, the solution is simple. Call P.K. Wadsworth at 855-996-5675 for boiler repair.

Call Promptly to Address Cleveland Boiler Concerns

As soon as you detect problems with your boiler, you need to call for help. Most boiler problems will get worse if you ignore them, and some can put your family’s health and safety at risk. P.K. Wadsworth will send a technician to your home to inspect the entire boiler system, diagnose the problem, and repair it in a timely manner.

Contact P.K. Wadsworth for boiler repair in Cleveland today.

Highly Rated Boiler Repair Pros in Cleveland and the Surrounding Areas

P.K. Wadsworth is regularly ranked among the top heating companies in the Greater Cleveland area. We know boilers well, and we understand the importance of protecting your family from the cold winters here in Ohio. We respond promptly when you call for help, and send knowledgeable professionals to your home to address your boiler concerns. We offer a comprehensive list of boiler services to ensure your home is always comfortable and warm.

Don’t suffer through a cold Ohio night without a working boiler. Call P.K. Wadsworth at 855-996-5675 or contact us online to get help with your boiler needs.


"They replaced my 23-year-old unit, which they originally installed. Very professional technicians. Cleaned up afterwards. Offered a 12-month no-interest plan."

- Robert H, Solon, Ohio

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