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Is Your Furnace is Ready this Fall for the Coming Ohio Winter?


When the cold, snowy Ohio winter settles in, a reliable furnace that keeps your home comfortably warm isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Booking a professional fall furnace tune-up for Ohio homes is the best way to make sure heating equipment is up to the challenge. Getting your furnace maintained before the mercury dips can help you avoid any loss of comfort, higher-than-necessary heating bills, or in a worst-case scenario, the cold inconvenience of a mid-winter equipment breakdown.

Professional Tune-Ups Offer Lots of Benefits

During a fall visit, an experienced heating professional completes a long list of tasks to keep your furnace running properly. Taking care of this critical preventive maintenance lets you maximize comfort and minimize operating costs and also gives you peace of mind about worrisome safety issues.

Here are some highlights of what’s included during a typical tune-up:

Inspecting, cleaning and making any needed blower assembly adjustments – Lubricating, cleaning and fine-tuning the blower can help it work up to 15 percent more efficiently, and keep it pumping out ample warm air at the registers.

Checking all the electrical components – This includes inspecting the wiring, tightening the connections and measuring current and voltage on the motors to keep the furnace running safely and help prevent a premature failure.

Inspecting the fuel lines and connections – A technician specifically looks for fuel leaks that can expose you to harmful fumes and increase the danger of fire.

Testing system controlsThe startup cycle is checked so you’ll know the furnace will cycle on and off when you need it to. All the different safety controls are tested too, including the high limit switch that prevents overheating and lowers the risk of fire.

Inspecting the heat exchanger and vent system – An HVAC specialist will make sure the heat exchanger isn’t cracked or corroded and the vent flue is in good condition, so hazardous carbon monoxide and other noxious exhaust fumes don’t back-draft into your air supply.

To schedule an expert fall furnace tune-up for your Ohio home in the greater Cleveland area, contact us today at P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling.

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