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Intrigued By Tankless Water Heating? 3 Things To Keep In Mind

Tankless water heating is gaining popularity for its energy efficiency and convenience. Installing this type of water heating in your Cleveland home isn’t just a matter of buying a water heater and plugging it in, though.

Before You Start Looking For A New Water Heater, Consider These Three Factors:

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  1. Gas or electric – Energy-efficient tankless water heaters are available with electric heating coils or gas-fired burners. Your choice depends not only on your utility services but also on your water heating needs. If you need to heat large amounts of hot water at once or you want a unit for the whole house, gas is usually a better, more cost-effective option.
  2. Whole-house or point-of-use – Point-of-use tankless water heaters, most of which are electric, provide hot water for a single point, such as a sink or shower. They’re usually installed near the fixture, so there’s less pipe to lose heat. These small units can be placed on a wall or in a cabinet or closet. A whole-house unit can handle the demand for more than one point at a time, such as a shower and a washing machine, so it can meet the water needs of your entire home. To accomplish this, whole-house water heaters have a higher gallon-per-minute (GPM) flow rate than point-of-use water heaters. The type of tankless water heating that’s best for you depends on your family’s water usage habits.
  3. Replacement costs – Replacing a tank water heater with a tankless system requires more than simply installing the new water heater. If you use gas, you may need bigger gas lines installed to accommodate the tankless water heater’s larger burners. Other modifications to your home or chimney may also be required. This can increase the installation costs over a tank model, but with the tankless model’s lower operating costs, you may recover your investment over time.

Always remember that all equipment needs to be maintained over time. This is also true of tankless water heaters, too.  Be sure to discuss maintenance as you are considering your purchase.  For more expert advice on tankless water heating and other home comfort issues, contact us at P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling. Since 1936, we’ve been providing reliable HVAC care throughout the greater Cleveland area, including Cleveland Heights, Beachwood, Independence, and Aurora.

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