stay warm in the winter with heating systems

Heating Systems - Keep Your Cleveland Home Warm

P.K. Wadsworth Heating and Cooling’s certified and trained HVAC technicians can repair and service any heating system style and brand. With decades of experience, we make systems more efficient and effective. That’s especially important in Greater Cleveland, where keeping a house warm can be costly during the winter months.

Customers trust P.K. Wadsworth with every type of heating system. We have a proven track record with gas furnaces and boilers, electric heating systems and geothermal heat pumps.

Regardless of your system, a call to P.K. Wadsworth can make it work better. Contact us to schedule a service call or preventive maintenance by one of our service technicians. If you’re considering an upgrade or replacement of your current system, a no obligation in-home consultation by one of our comfort consultants can go a long way toward improving the performance and energy efficiency of your home comfort system.

Full-Service Solutions

P.K. Wadsworth is the only name you need to know for any heating system need. We’ll perform necessary tasks to keep your system in prime condition while providing you the peace of mind that your home heating is as reliable, safe and efficient as possible. Our heating system services for furnaces, boilers and heat pumps include:

  • Annual inspections and routine maintenance to ensure:
    • Clean filters and cleaner indoor air
    • Optimal efficiency
    • Longer life and more reliability
    • No surprise breakdowns
  • Comprehensive precision tune-ups
  • Replacement, repair and new installations

A Trusted Provider

P.K. Wadsworth has one of the most experienced HVAC teams in Greater Cleveland. All of our professionals are trained and certified to work on most heating systems, regardless of the brand. Our expertise is backed by a commitment to customer service that starts with professionalism at your front door and ends with the job done right.

We pride ourselves at delivering surprise-free pricing. All customers receive written quotes with upfront pricing. With very rare exceptions, you’ll know the exact cost before we start the work.

Efficiency Experts

P.K. Wadsworth can lower your energy bill in many ways. Our experts can uncover energy-draining issues associated with insulation, windows and doors, poorly maintained HVAC components, faulty ductwork and more. The solution might be as simple as a new filter or as involved as a new furnace. Whatever the solution, it’s almost certain to lower your monthly bills.

P.K. Wadsworth also can install programmable thermostats that provide continued savings. Some newer models even store different settings for each day of the week. We’ll work with you to find one that meets your needs.

Replacement Specialists

If your furnace, boiler or heat pump is breaking down frequently or is more than 10 years old, it may be time to consider a replacement. Huge efficiency gains in recent years will deliver significant energy savings, and you can count on a new system to deliver comfort for many years to come.

P.K. Wadsworth offers a variety of state-of-the-art furnaces and boilers. Our comfort consultants offer a no-obligation in-home consultation that, when coupled with the expert advice from our technicians, will help you decide whether repair or replacement is right for your home.

Contact us today to schedule heating system maintenance, repair or replacement.


"Great service. This is a well-run locally owned company. Communication is excellent. Workers are skilled and take pride in their work. This is one of a handful of companies that is highly skilled at maintaining the old heating systems in the stately old houses of Shaker Heights."

- Fred R, Shaker Heights, Ohio

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